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About Interknott

Meet Interknott! a powerful content aggregation and social bookmarking tool, built to help you store, collaborate and add context to any information that matters to you or your team. All, at one place!

So Sign Up on Interknott and become a Knittwit (yes, that's what we call ourselves) today!

The Mantra


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Interknott Tool

Don't just bookmark anymore. Use the Interknott extension to collect almost anything - images, videos, links, audio, entire webpages and even paragraphs - from all your favorite websites.
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Make collections called 'Knotts' to organise your content in a visually appealing manner. Don't want to share your knotts with the rest of the world? That's alright, just make it private. You can also invite other like-minded knittwits to collaborate on your knotts.


Add collaborators to knotts of common interests and build your resources through social bookmarking.
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Not restricted to just the web

Upload documents, presentations and pictures as well.

Screenshots of links

The interknott tool generates screenshots of all the links collected so you don't have to keep switching back and forth between sites.
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Each knott has an easy to use drag and drop interface that let's you add your own thoughts and insights to the content you collect.
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Discuss and ask questions on items collected in a knott with other collaborators.
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Redefining Search

Search is redefined as a recommendation system, providing results curated by real people.

Who's it for?


We know that a lot of painstaking research goes into each article before it is published. Use the Interknott tool to save your research and make notes about them.


Save learning material or use the tool to collaborate with other teachers. You can also use it as a platform for students and teachers to interact and go beyond the scope of the syllabus.


Invite other Knittwits to collaborate on knotts of common interests. Use it to start discussions and become more productive.


Save all of your favorite content so that it never gets lost in all that noise of the internet. And if you do like to keep your knotts to yourself, make it private and only you and the people you choose can access them.

So Sign Up today and go Knotts!